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Published: Monday, December 22, 2008 11:58:45 AM

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The Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Hyacinth Chen School of Nursing is well on the way toward its historic official opening on August 10, 2008. The much anticipated official opening will take place during the institution’s graduation weekend and has been fast-tracked to facilitate the start of the 2008/2009 academic year in August. 



NCU's Hyacinth Chen School of Nursing  under construction.


In September 2006, Founder, Canadian mutual fund company AIC and Chairman, National Commercial Bank (NCB), Mr. Michael Lee Chin, donated $142 million to build a world class nursing school which would be named in honour of his mother, Hyacinth Chen.  Construction of the new facility commenced in March 2007, and later in January 2008, Lee Chin gave an additional $105 million for the completion, furnishing and equipping of the building.


NCU President, Dr. Herbert Thompson (right) and Mr. Lee Chin look carefully at the projections for the school of nursing. (January 2008)


Now, a little more than a year since construction first started, projections indicate that the facilities will be operational by August.  Despite the challenges that might occur during the hurricane season, Vice President of Facilities Planning, Admissions & Retention, Dr. Daniel Fider, assures that the school will be ready for the scheduled opening.


At the end of its construction, the Hyacinth Chen School of Nursing will boast state-of-the-art facilities and is expected to accommodate 800 nursing students. According to Dr. Fider, “there will be no other nursing school in the Caribbean such as what we will have here at Northern Caribbean University”.


The newly constructed building will facilitate the relocation of the existing Nursing Department, which will now have more offices. In addition, classrooms, nursing labs and an Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) lab will also be housed within the building. Presently, no changes are expected in the nursing curriculum for Fall Semester 2008. However, plans are in place to consider revising the curriculum when a new Director of Nursing arrives in July of this year.


Projections for the Hyacinth Chen School of Nursing


Twenty (20) freshmen entering the Hyacinth Chen School of Nursing who have been successful in the prescribed exams, will be offered scholarships valued at US$3500 each, dubbed the NCB Foundation/NCU Inaugural Scholarships. Applications may be downloaded from the NCU website.





Article by Benjamin Beloni


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