Accurate Information

Right after one of the natural disasters last year, a senior government official shared a photograph on social media of a flooded airport with a comment that suggested it was from one of the affected facilities in his country. Immediately many users responded to its publication, correcting that it was an old photograph taken elsewhere.

The immediacy of social networks makes it easy for us to distribute breaking news, but at the same time exposes us to the risk of sharing incorrect information.

Before answering, commenting or sharing about any fact, verify the source. Choose to share information from official pages before doing it from accounts of friends or strangers in social networks. If you hear a rumor or an alarming news item, check immediately if the website of the affected entity has published an official statement.

The reputation of a communicator depends among other things, on accurate information that he or she shares and at the same time this strengthens the identity of the organization.

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