Adventist Church in Flankers partners with Community Groups to Make Impact

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, Flankers in partnership with the Flankers Community Development Committee (CDC), The European Union and “Eve for Life” Foundation, conducted a Health Fair at the Flankers Primary and Junior High School in St. James on Sunday, August 12, 2018.

Over 100 members of the community benefited from numerous Public Health presentations and medical services offered, which included blood pressure checks, school medicals, free eye examinations and public health lectures.

“We are extremely proud that we were able to forge this partnership” said Elder Kerry Callum, Health Ministries Director of the Flankers Church. “This has been a great success, not only do we see our community members being served in different areas” he continued “but they have shown that this gift that we have given to them was well accepted.”

The team of medical volunteers, on the day, conducted 25 school medicals, 58 regular medicals and over 23 HIV tests to the satisfaction of the organizers and the community members who participated. This was a motivation to ensure an ongoing partnership for a similar event in the future.

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