Adventist Church in Jamaica Welcomes Stance That Protects Sabbath Keepers

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica has welcomed the stance taken by president of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) last week in Kingston, toward members of the Association who deny employment to Seventh-day Adventists. Howard Mitchell, president of PSOJ said that action will be taken against member companies if they are found denying Seventh-day Adventists jobs simply because of their faith.

Pastor Everette Brown, president of the church in Jamaica preaches during a worship service in a crowded Adventist Church. There is one Adventist per 12 persons in Jamaica. Image by Nigel Coke/file photo

Mitchell’s remark came from the backdrop of the United States State Department International Religious Freedom Report, which found that Sabbath-keepers experience difficulty to get or hold on to jobs.

“We welcome wholeheartedly this move by the PSOJ president, which is long in coming but very timely,” said Nigel Coke, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty for the church in Jamaica. “Though some of our members are being affected now and have been in the past, we believe it is time to deal with the issue in a very amicable way and move forward,” said Coke.

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