Andrews Right For Medical Tourism

The privately operated Andrews Memorial Hospital has been targeted to become a centre of excellence offering first-world neurosurgeries, and the doctors driving that push are staking their reputations on its success.

The duo of business partners, investors, physicians Dr Kingsley Chin, chief executive of KIC ventures, Dr David Walcott – the 2011 Jamaica Rhodes Scholar – believe Andrews is the prefect fit for their dream of making Jamaica the place tourist visit for sun, sand and surgery.

“We are in the process of fundraising for a large outpatient centre of excellence, first-rate, avant-garde institution, first of its kind in Jamaica. So think Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic in Jamaica.

“We are pioneering game-changing disc-replacement surgeries, and this will be our showpiece promotion for our centre of excellence,” Walcott told The Sunday Gleaner.

The overseas-based Chin and Walcott have wasted no time in setting up their outfit.

“What have we done so far? We have postponed erecting a building itself while still pursuing investors as we continue developing our track record. So far we have partnered with Andrews Hospital, investing in excess of US$1 million in equipment brought down from the United States.

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