Are You Ready And Waiting, Or Do You Need More Time?

The fact that God has not yet put in His appearance is often taken for granted because we have lived to see another year, another week, another day, and still, ‘the clouds have not opened’ and some of the events we have been told would signal His coming seem to have been postponed.

But what if while you were at a party, working late one evening, committing a sinful act, sleeping unbothered, or reading this very article, the day you have been told for years came?

According to communications director of the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, Pastor Damian Chambers, in a recent sermon at a local church, Jesus, in prophetic language, has always warned His people to be ready and waiting.

“Jesus never left anything to chance. He told them plainly what would happen. After He declared those things, He also said that no man knows the day nor the hour when the Son of man will appear, and so it is important for people to be ready.”

The warnings given before the destruction of Jerusalem are very similar to warnings given for the end time to come, and only obedience will save individuals from perishing.

“Because the disciples listened to Jesus and followed His instructions, Ellen White tells us in the book The Great Controversy, “not one Christian perished in the destruction of Jerusalem because they followed the Word of Jesus, and that is telling us something. If we follow His guidance and leading, there is no need to worry about His second coming.”

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