At SeLD Conference, Church Leaders Encouraged to Balance Work and Family For Successful Ministry

Day two of Inter-America’s Segment Leadership Development (SeLD) Conference drew hundreds of church administrators, pastors, and local church elders on July 16, to focus on the importance of balancing work and family, addressing conflict and building consensus, financing the organization effectively and becoming steward leaders promoting transparency and accountability in the workplace.

Preserving the family

“When pastors are happier, they preach better sermons,” said Dr. Willie and his wife Elaine Oliver. The Olivers serve as co-directors for family ministries for the Adventist world church. “When you’re sleeping in the same bed and there’s no barrier between you and your spouse, you will baptize more.”

Ensuring that the family is preserved while fulfilling the mission and keeping a balance between work and family was the main message for the more than 600 leaders gathered in Miami, Florida.

In order to have a successful ministry, leaders must live by principles as a people of God, said Dr. Willie. “We believe in the Bible, we preach the Scriptures every day and yet sometimes we make decisions which are not principled,” said Dr. Oliver. “If our ministries are going to be effective, we are going to have to be balanced, refer to the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy to see what direction it gives us to live in family the way God wants.”2

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    Beautiful. I just would like to point out one point. The individuals, yes, must know how to balance between work and family. However, a major problem is the church itself. Our institutions are not really family-friendly, or pro-family. In fact the church has done more harm to families and marriages then we would believe.

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