CJC appoints full slate of Directors and Ministry Coordinators for 2018-2022 quadrennium

Administrators of CJC during the last executive committee meeting (L-R): Pastor Billy Watson, Treasurer, Levi Johnson, President, Nevail Barrett, Executive Secretary and Mrs. Claudette Grant, Recording Secretary | Credits: Damian Chambers

At its first meeting since the start of the new Quadrennium (2018-2022), the Central Jamaica Conference’s (CJC) Executive Committee voted to appoint Directors for Education, Publishing and Community Services along with other ministry Coordinators as follows:

  • Education Director – Dr. Clifton Knight
  • Publishing Director (Recommendation) – Everett Smith
  • Assistant Publishing Directors – Marjorie Edwards and Dexter Dennis Snr
  • Development Director – Billy Watson
  • Development Coordinator – Elethia Robinson
  • Community Services Director – Everett Smith
  • Associate Communication Director – Charles Bulgin
  • Prayer Ministries Coordinator – Ruth Walcott
  • Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator – Dr. Clifton Knight
  • Bible School Coordinator and Conference Evangelist – Delroy Ferguson
  • Music Coordinator – Kevan Barnaby
  • Men’s Ministries Coordinator – Dr. Clifton Knight
  • Trust Services Coordinator – Dr. Thomas Bryan
  • Auditor (Recommendation) – Linford Farquharson

The Publishing Director and Auditor (new) appointments will be reviewed and decided on by the Jamaica Union Executive Committee at its next sitting. All other appointments are with immediate effect. The meeting was held on June 27, 2018.

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