Good Samaritan Inn — 10 years helping the homeless

FOR many years The Good Samaritan Inn at Geffard Place in downtown Kingston has been a ray of hope for the needy and homeless. And in its 10th year of existence, the facility which feeds, clothes, cleans, houses and caters to the medical needs of its visitors is not letting up on its efforts.

Caretaker for The Good Samaritan Inn Raglan Waite leads devotion with a few individuals at the facility. (Photos: Garfield Robinson)

Vermont Murray, manager at The Good Samaritan Inn, told the Jamaica Observerin a recent visit to the entity that the Inn, an affiliate of the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, operating in conjunction with the Adventists Laypersons Services and Industries, the business and provisional arm of the church, came into existence on December 23, 2007 after realising that there was much to be done to assist those less fortunate.

“We started initially with feeding and from those who came we saw that there was a greater need and we continued until we were able to provide overnight facilities for women, bathing facilities for men and women, areas to wash their clothing. For those without clothing we have a stores area where we can take from and give them, and there is the dental and medical clinic,” he said, pointing out that the inn functions as a community outreach project and is not partisan to any religious affiliation.

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