IAD President Calls for Continued Focus on Evangelism, Education and Community Impact

Inter-American Division [IAD] President Pastor Elie Henry shared plans for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the territory for the next two years during a special meeting with church leaders and staff in Miami, Florida, yesterday.

Pastor Henry, who recently returned from visiting four major church regions in Inter-America, officially began as the new IAD president earlier this month. Pastor Henry promised a renewed commitment on his part and that of fellow administrators to the mission of the church in Inter-America, and urged vice presidents, department heads and office staff for greater teamwork in their service to God’s church.   He called on leaders to focus on moving forward and doing better.

Pastor Elie Henry (right), president of the church in Inter-America promised a renewed commitment to the mission of the church during a special meeting with department heads and staff on Aug. 22, 2018, in Miami, Florida, United States. David Poloche translates for Pastor Henry. Photo by Keila Trejo/IAD

“By faith we are moving ahead with confidence knowing that the same God who has led us in the past will give us victory in the future,” said Pastor Henry. “We praise God for Pastor Leito’s legacy and his outstanding leadership for the past 25 years. But we believe that the best is yet to come and in the powerful name of Jesus great things will be accomplished for the glory of God.”

Pastor Henry reaffirmed the need for all church members to be committed to a daily relationship with God and seeking His transformation in the context of Total Member Involvement, a world church initiative to get every member in the church actively working to fulfill the mission of the church.

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