In Inter-America, Church Begins Efforts to Unify Radio and Television Ministries

In an effort to strengthen Seventh-day Adventist-operated radio stations throughout Inter-America with the church’s Hope Channel Inter-America television network, media specialists met to network and collaborate on increasing efforts to spread the gospel.

“It’s important for us to lay the groundwork for the establishment of the Hope Radio Inter-America network through collaboration, inspiration and dialogue together following our integrated media strategy plan to unify radio and television efforts throughout the territory,” said Abel Márquez, communication director for the church in Inter-America and executive director of Hope Channel Inter-America. “This is about the convergence of media ministries in our powerful commitment to the mission.”

Hope Channel Inter-America coordinators and a select group of radio station staff from the Inter-American Division (IAD) territory gathered Dec. 4-5, in Miami, Florida, to focus on brand identity and image, production guidelines and meshing of ideas and initiatives to bolster the more than 100 radio stations operated by the IAD.

“We want to ensure that the church’s official radios stations begin the integration of the use of the Hope Radio Inter-America brand, and adopt higher quality standards of production and transmission in collaboration with the services offered by Adventist World Radio,” explained Márquez.

Miqueas Fortunato, promotion and distribution director for Hope Channel Inter-America, speaks on the need for convergence with radio and television across the territory. Photo by Libna Stevens/IAD

The key is to ensure that station and media center leaders create their strategic plans based on what has been presented during the two-day sessions, according to Márquez. “This will ensure that more modern, strong and effective radio stations will carry the message of hope to audiences,” added Márquez.

Robert Valencia, web media strategist for Adventist World Radio (AWR), introduced the system that collects podcast programs and resources to share through a media asset manager system.

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