In Jamaica, Adventists Offer Free Health Screenings with Scores of Rastafarians

Scotts Path, Clarendon | Nigel Coke/IAD Staff

Scores of members of the Rastafairan, Nyahbinghi Theocracy Order located in a community in Clarendon, Jamaica, were treated to free health screenings last weekend thanks to the efforts of the Three Angels Pharmacy Mobile Health Clinic—a clinic owned and operated by Seventh-day Adventist Rohan McNellie.

Nurse Janet Waugh administers the blood pressure test on Peter Finlayson while Ashley Bonnick looks on. Image by Nigel Coke

McNellie, who manages the clinic and volunteer medical staff, was more than happy to assist members of the Rastafarian movement—a Abrahamic religion which was developed in Jamaica in the 1930s whose members worship and follow the late Haile Selassie, who was Ethiopia’s regent from 1916 and later emperor in 1930 until 1974. According to the Rastafarians, Emperor Haile Selassie I is considered a messianic figure that will lead a future golden age of eternal peace, righteousness and prosperity.

“We did not hesitate to say yes to the request by the group when they called us,” said Mcnellie. “Our focus is administering free health check-ups to anyone regardless of their class, race, economic or educational status or religion,” he added McNellie, who has been running the mobile clinic across seven parishes in Jamaica so far this year.

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