International Conference Reaffirms God as Creator Through Scientific Evidences

Seventh-day Adventist educators, ministers and administrators from across the Inter-American Division (IAD) reaffirmed their commitment to teach, preach and share the biblical account of the origins of the world and its theological implications during a ten-day Faith and Science Conference held in Montemorelos, Mexico, July 20-30, 2017.

More than 500 delegates reviewed scientific evidences with some 35 Bible scholars and scientific experts to expand their knowledge of the natural world to share in classrooms, institutions, churches and around the world.

“School teachers and university professors must be ready to show the veracity of the Bible from a scientific perspective when evolution arguments are pressing,” said Dr. Gamaliel Florez, education director for the church in Inter-America and main organizer of the event.

“Evolutionist theories have not been able to darken the truth about creation,” said Florez.

Theologians presented an in-depth study and interpretation about God, creationism and the Bible.

“If the creation story ceases to be part of the basis of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, we basically lose everything,” said Edward Zinke, a bible scholar and former member of the Biblical Research Institute Committee and the Faith and Science Council. Zinke is a philanthropist who has been supporting research in the areas of science and biblical studies at different parts of the world.

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