Medical Cadet Corps To Be Revitalized Across the Adventist Church

A historic meeting for the revitalization of the Medical Cadet Corps (MCC) program took place during a special training session held in Levittown, Puerto Rico, from April 30 to May 3, 2018. The meeting provided special training for MCC officers who are currently involved in the program across the North American and Inter-American divisions, as well as initiate other leaders who are interested in reviving the MCC in their regions.

“The MCC program originally helped Adventist servicemen serve according to their conscience,” said Dr. Mario Ceballos, director, World Service Organization–General Conference (WSO-GC). MCC cadets are trained and equipped to provide spiritual comfort, and other services such as first aid during emergency situations, explained Ceballos.

“In today’s world, many countries no longer have a draft, and although we never know when world events could lead to a reinstatement of conscription, it is best to prepare our young adults,” said Ceballos. MCC training also equips cadets, ages 17 and older, to serve in their local communities in times of disaster. “Their assistance during these types of events fosters goodwill with local residents and provides help in time of need.”

History of MCC

The Medical Cadet Corps was originally launched on Jan. 8, 1934 on the Union College campus in Lincoln, Nebraska, under the leadership of Everett Dick, a professor at union and a World War I veteran. The training was the same as that of medics in the U.S. Army, and included close-order drill, Army organizational structure, physical training, military courtesy, camp hygiene, litter drill, and first aid.

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