Nation’s glorious days not wrapped up in its balance of payment, says pastor

President of the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Glen Samuels, is challenging the country’s leaders to refocus their energies towards righteousness and dependence on God in order to build a better nation.

Referencing Psalm 127:1, Samuels argued that, just as King David admonished his son Solomon, who would take charge as the new king, the nation cannot be built without spiritual foundation.

“I still believe that the nation’s glorious days are not wrapped up in the quality of its balance of payments,” said Samuels.

“I still believe Jamaica’s future is guaranteed not by the strength of its dollar, but by the strength of integrity of its citizens and their resolute trust in Almighty God.”

He added: “I say to those who lead us politically, forgetfulness of God and the principles of righteousness open the door for the demise of this nation.”

Samuels, who is listed among those to receive national honours in October, was speaking at the 10th Independence and International Weekend Service at the Mandeville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Manchester on Saturday.

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