NCU Media Group Appoints Acting General Manager

Mandeville, Jamaica …Nigel Coke

Arnold Kelly has been appointed acting general manager of the NCU Media Group effective June 1, 2017. His appointment became necessary due to the resignation of Mr. Everett Wiles who has migrated with his family to the USA.

Prior to joining the NCU team in 2006, Mr. Kelly worked at the National Religious Media Commission (LOVE 101) as a producer and presenter from 1994 to 2005 and as Production Manger 2000 to 2006. During that period, he hosted and Produced a number of programmes including “Morning Glory” and “Sunday Showcase” one of the station’s biggest earners through sponsorships generated through local and overseas outside broadcasts. He also managed and coordinated programming, including local and overseas outside broadcast activities for Love 101 FM and Love Television.

Arnold Kelly

While at Love FM, Mr. Kelly also hosted “Caribbean Breeze” a 4-hour afternoon show on The Caribbean Gospel (Satellite) Network (CGN). As an independent producer, he later developed “The Caribbean Hour” aired on 12 Caribbean radio stations, providing coverage of major events in the region. In 2006, “The Caribbean Hour” was nominated in the “Best Produced Programme” category (DBS Flamboyant Awards, Dominica) and he was the recipient of the coveted President’s Award at the 2010 Caribbean Gospel Music (Marlin) Awards in Nassau, Bahamas.

As Director NCU of Media Services, Mr. Kelly was integral in converting the former WIC Radio from a revolving playlist of gospel songs, to a 24-hour, 7-day radio format complete with news, full-length programmes, and features. He was appointed manager of NCU FM in 2010 when the station was granted a commercial broadcast license. Over this period, NCU has experienced continuous growth from a new, relatively unknown entity to #11 (2012), #8 (2014) and #7 (2016) in island-wide listenership in a highly competitive media landscape with just under 30 licensed radio stations. (MRSL All Media Survey)

“It is our prayer that, as he takes up the mantle filled with responsibilities for running the day-to-day operations of the Media Group, God’s blessings will be with him to get the job done. “We invite all to join with us in giving Mr. Kelly our full support,” said Dr. Meric Walker, chairman of the NCU Media Group.

Thanks to Everett Wiles

At a recent Board Meeting, members commended Mr. Wiles for his valuable service to the University and, in particular, the Media Group—his brainchild, for which he was instrumental in the formation and management of the station, ever since, and for his “stick-to-itiveness” in times of real difficulties when he possibly could have been elsewhere earning much more for his skills. Mention was also made of his spirit for Mission and the whole idea of sacrificing for God’s cause. He was encouraged to continue in this path and let his service benefit the Church. A function recognizing his contribution to NCU was held on May 25, 2017.

Everett Wiles

The Media Board has started the process for the recruitment of a new General Manager both internally and externally.


  • | 1 year ago

    Congratulations ? Mr Kelly, you will continue to sore as an ?. Keep up the great work with God in the midst.

  • | 1 year ago

    Congratulations to Mr. Arnold Kelly. No doubt you will do an excellent job in your new position. You have the experience to manage NCU, with the help of God. So hats off to you. Thanks for the inspiration on Firstlight. Every Tuesday I look forward to play the acronym game. Great exercise! Step Up challenge too. You will be missed not hearing on Firstlight. God bless!

  • | 1 year ago

    Congrats Mr. Kelly! Wishing you success, strength and courage in your new position! You are a champion leader with a great team! Shine on! Blessings galore as you continue to add value to your beloved company — NCU Media Group!

  • | 1 year ago

    Congrats Arnold.
    May he continue to strengthen you as you go along. Keep holding on to his unchanging hand

  • | 1 year ago

    Congratulations Mr Kelly, I am one of the few who know of your earliest days. You have grown and excelled immensely and I am always very proud of you.

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