Over 200 baptized during Preach-a-thon 2018 in CJC

At least 90% of the 53 pastoral districts in Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) of Seventh-day Adventists were engaged in one, two or three weeks of evangelistic series for  Preach-a-thon 2018. As a result, 216 persons were baptized for the period November 3-24, 2018.

According to Conference President, Pastor Levi Johnson, “My profound commendations to the Team members under the leadership of Pastor Barrington Mclean. We saw a demonstration of the strength of unity.”

Pastor McLean, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director of CJC and the person responsible for organizing Preach-a-thon 2018 also commended the Pastors for their efforts. He said, (addressing the pastors) “I would like to say thanks to you for having planned and executed Preach-a-Thon 2018. The reports have been very encouraging.”