Speak Well, Listen Even Better, Pastor Urges Families

A couple, a parent and child, or a brother and sister might have the same quarrels daily, and even when they think a solution has come, the problem arises yet again.

So what do they do?

Communicate better, says pastor of the Mile Gully Circuit of Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Churches and trained counselling psychologist, Joel Shillingford.

With growing concerns about how people relate to each other in and outside of a family, Shillingford said that unless the problem is looked at deeply, nothing will change.

“If you have communication, conflict resolution and intimacy going well in your life, then you will have a good relationship. Communication is key to any relationship. How we communicate with each other is key to the success we will have in any relationship, and this goes beyond husband and wife to even how we communicate in the Church: pastor to elders, elders to deacons, and so on,” he said.

Speaking at the Home and Family Emphasis Programme at the Asia SDA Church recently, Pastor Shillingford said that the success of any relationship is predicated on how well people relate to each other.

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