“You have something to be proud of ” – Prime Minister tells Adventist Church

Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness  spoke highly  of the work and impact of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica and noted that the Church  should be proud of its accomplishments over its 125 years of existence in Jamaica. Hon. Andrew Holness, who was the Keynote Speaker at the 125th Anniversary Fund Raising Banquet of the North Street SDA Church, shared these observations when he addressed more than three hundred patrons at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on March 5, 2019.

“Not many institutions last that long. Some will literally die and disappear without trace, without memory, but your church has lasted for more than a century and that is something to be proud of,” the Prime Minister added.

“By all accounts, you haven’t just drifted through time. You’re not just merely existing and surviving. By all accounts you are thriving and growing and transforming and getting strong,” the Prime Minister said.

Referencing statistics which support the rapid growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica, the Prime Minister agreed that the church had much to rejoice about as it celebrated 125 years of existence in the island.

“Tonight we are celebrating under the theme ‘Pioneers:  Proclaiming, Transforming, and Rejoicing’ and certainly after 125 years of proclaiming the transformative gospel of Jesus Christ, there is much to rejoice about,” the Prime Minister said.

Largest Single Denomination

“The last statistics that we have of the size of the church tells us that you are somewhere in the region of 322,228, but that was in 2011.  I am certain that it’s much more now. But that was coming from 281 thousand  in 2011 so the Adventist Church has grown rapidly and now you are the number one single denomination in Jamaica.”

“One hundred and twenty five years of preaching the gospel and transforming lives through education, health, social outreach and spiritual nourishment,  and you do this starting from Kings House and going right across the length and breadth of Jamaica serving every single Jamaican, rich or poor,” Prime Minister Holness said.  He also

lauded the church for its effective ministry to the youth.

Wholistic Approach to the Gospel

The Prime Minister, who disclosed that he was baptized in the faith at a tent crusade some time ago, posited that he believes the success of the SDA church   has been its steadfastness in ministering the Holy Scriptures and the church’s holistic approach in preaching the gospel.

 “I believe that the emphasis on the whole person, spiritual, education, physical wellbeing has played a significant part in attracting persons to the church. Adventists were preaching healthy lifestyle, long before it became fashionable,” the Prime Minister said, to the applause of many who knew this to be true.

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